"Les téméraires" is a theater festival that takes place in Cherbourg each year during the month of May. All the shows are created, interpreted and played by amateur theater companies throughout the city. For this very special 20th edition, we created a strong visual environment to be easily recognizable during the next editions : 2 colors that can be used in overprints or as flat tints / a logo made of a handwriting type / a drawings' collection (one drawing by play). In the first place, the choice to illustrate the shows by drawings came out of the constraint that the theater companies couldn't provide any photography of the shows. Furthermore, the drawings brings a slice of mystery and incite people to watch plays where they wouldn't want to go to at first. To match with the idea of amateurship, we decided of a style of illustration : a simple casual line with a range of imperfections but full of charm. At each show, the corresponding drawing is displayed at the entrance, so the public recognize instantly the show and become aware of the diversity of the festival's theater plays.

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