To be better integrated in its environment, the building of the library Marin-Marie, designed by David Serero (Serero architectes & urbanistes ) was covered with a pattern referring to stained glasses of the neighboring church. Responsible for defining the identity of the library, we decided to exploit the characteristics of the glass cuboid shape and the graphic mesh that covers it. This sort of camouflage net appeared to us as meaningful: the windows are source of light and of information delivery. Juxtaposed to the church building, the library is a place for cult(ure), designed to radiate and interact with the population. We started from this initial mesh to define forms, elements, new and more organic and dynamic frames, less mathematics. From these forms, solid and wired, we proposed tools with which it is possible to play, draw, guide, point-out, signalize, etc.. We also had to provide an alternative name for the library, a name that could be part of the vocabulary of young audiences, while demystifing the site. We proposed "M3" (for the three "M" of the three words "Media Marin-Marie") and designed it with the news forms, reminding the initial frame without repeating the mesh: The identity system deployed is both steeped in history, mean the cultural and emotional, and is technical and modern enough to capture the attention of the public usually reluctant to go into a library. Finally, this library is intended to exploit new information technologies and new forms of communication. Our system suggests this technological environment, connections and complementarity of existing tools and those older.

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