Creativity & Chocolate
In order to collect money for a disabled children's hospice in Cherbourg, we took part on a chocolate creative contest. We've been invited along with artists and designers to create very special Easter Eggs. Among our ideas that came by, the chocolate balloons was our favourite one !

Context changes our judgment !
We presented pure chocolate eggs, without any paintings or added elements. We just hidden them in an unexpected context, highlighted in a balloon box that can be found in fairgrounds. By the way, people first see balloons !
Start the experience with the chocolate before eating it ! — sharing (every one can play, it's not just one egg for one person), challenge and playful (the one who touch the balloon with the dart gets the ballon), surprise (once the balloon break, you discover more chocolate inside !). 

"Le bon chocolat se mérite !" ;)
We collaborated with a renowned chocolate maker in Cherbourg. It was an interesting challenge as well for him to achieve the perfect ballon shape. 
The game was available for 3 weeks during Easter season at the chocolatier.

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