A document to promote the agglomeration
— a land of contrasts, full of vitality.
The 'Communauté Urbaine de Cherbourg' is a contrasted agglomeration. On one side, rural areas and on the other, the sea. A natural boundary between land and sea but also between the place's prejudices and the surprisingly positive reality. We chose to make from these contrasts an essential part of the identity of the document.
On the cover, a physical and visual boundary separate two medias : on one side, a series of pictograms (which by their shape are signs of vitality) and on the other side, a composition of photographies, lively and exciting (you can spend time to discover all of it). They both suggest the diversity of opportunities that can offer the city. 
Inside, the yellow color recalls sunny days (in contrast with the rainy region's prejudice), divide the sections and create an distinct style. In the same spirit, the clear demarcation between text parts and pictures create coherence.

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