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Eneten is a CSR consultant (corporate social responsability) mainly focused on SME’s issues. CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model : integration of social, environmental and economic in their activities, and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. "doing well by doing good "
CSR approach can lead to lower costs and a boost to innovation for small businesses.
It allows the company to differenciate itself and to engage durably the customer and the stakeholders through highlighting its values.
Eneten's skills gather change management to integrate the interests of stakeholders, a detailed knowledge of global issues and their policy and regulatory variations, a detailed knowledge of technical and management solutions that contribute to improving the health, environmental and social processes in organizations.
Eneten assist companies in various fields through tailored approaches.
We worked on definition of the name, the identity system and the stationnery. Eneten’s font is in lower case with rounded shapes but with straight and simple lines, without uppercase, ornaments, or effects (shadows, relief ... italics). The approach is humble and marks a results-based approach. This minimalism is a sign of reputation acquired and recognized competence.
Simplicity and sobriety = efficiency / Reason = relevance / Rigorous style = evokes the Nordic countries and the Swiss ... and positive values ​​in terms of rigor, precision and accuracy / Harmonious = reassuring
Visual frames and signs stand for:
- the complexity of the "business system", and its complex interactions with the environment,
- his connections, stronger and weaker, internal and external,
- the reference to the bloodstream that irrigates the system,
- the multitude of points to consider, functions to control,
- use of the Eneten's skills at all those inflection point.

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