S E K O I A  is a key player in cybersecurity. French company recognized internationally, pure player and independent, S E K O I A  works to offer the best of consulting, expertise and innovation in its fields. S E K O I A  is a laboratory, an observatory and an operational center that audits the systems, develops the accessibility and the availability of the techniques, offers access to an updated knowledge base, sensitizes, trains and networks the different actors.

To distinguish and characterize this company that works to meet the challenges of a volatile, complex and ambiguous world, we have chosen to base our work on the convictions and the long-term vision of  S E K O I A, far from the images expected of a futuristic technology or of a world beset on all sides. The identity is imaginative, it carries a realistic and clear-sighted message: it points to the fluctuating power relations and the weaknesses of the human, and reminds that beyond the technologies, whether victim or aggressor, the Human is more than ever at the center of the issues ("HUMAN BEHIND BINARY"). The fattening games, and the diversion of the binary code (I - 0) symbolize the human and his vulnerability, his commitment and his key role in his own protection. 
These "weight" differences also illustrate that a small number can stand up to more forces — «Never was so much owed by so many to so few» Churchill… By its minimalism and restraint, the identity suggests a will and sincere intentions, S E K O I A  is solid and determined.

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